Sunday 26 May 2013


I love helmets. It is actually one of the most important things I look for when I choose to start collecting a new army. A few years ago I started collecting an republican roman army just because I liked the helmets (thanks Aventine!)
So an improtant question for me is, did the Swedes have any good looking helmets? Yes, in a matter of fact they did have some good ones. Between 1916 and 1926 there were 4 different models, confusingly two of them are both called m/21.

fm/16, with removeble comb
The first model was called fm/16 (fm = försöksmodell = test model). It had a wide brim and a comb. A few of the helmets had combs that could be removed.

m/21 (flat)
Svea Livgarde (?) soldier in old m/ä uniform and m/21 (flat) helmet

The next model is the m/21 (flat). The reason it was called flat was because the dome was flatter than the other m/21 helmet. The brim was different from the earlier test model, but still wide compared to later models.

m/21 (high)
M/21 (high) had a much smaller brim than the other m/21 helmet. It had a comb.

M/26 was very similar to the m/21 (high) but without a comb.

Next model was start being used in 1937, so I will not cover it here. The m/21 and m/26 was used until the end of ww2.


  1. An interesting post.The first helmet has an almost medieval feel to it I think.

  2. Yes, I love it because of that. I don't think it was really in use, but maybe I could get one sculpted anyway. :-)

  3. Yes it would be great to get one sculpted.One of the joys of a project like this is you can do what might have been rather than actually was...

  4. Good writing Björn !

    Maybe a sprue with 4 lose head with the fm/16 helmet for conversions:)

    Best regards Michael