Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict

A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict (En Lagom Svensk Konflikt) is our campaign setting. The idea is that civil war broke out in 1931 between White and Red forces. It is of course inspired by VBCW and the Spanish Civil War, with a hint of Russian and Finnish civil wars in it.

As I am concentrating on the regular army I made a map of what the regiments in Svealand and parts of Östergötland are up to.

The regiments in Falun, Gävle and Örebro have joined the Red uprising, while those in Stockholm, Uppsala, Strängnäs, Linköping, Karlsborg and Skövde stay loyal to the government. The region of Bergslagen, which is controlled by the red faction, is very important for both sides because of the industrial production.
Bergslagen is sparsely populated and most part of it is a large single forest, but in the small communities along the waterways there are a lot of iron mines, ironworks and other factories. Karlskoga is also the main center for weapon production in Sweden.


  1. Brilliant work Björn.

    Love that we are focusing on the bergslagen and darlecarlian regions:)

    Best regards Michael

  2. Of course I focus on Bergslagen. :-)
    But if anyone think that I have missed anything on the map just tell me and I will add it (Michael: Inlandsbanan is added as you requested).

  3. Sandviken should be in on the map. :)
    After all, at this time, half the town area is a steel mill... :) The owner also seems to have been quite the fighting man, during the war he supposedly issued a statement to the effect of "Anyone not signing up for the Home Guard can look for another job", resulting in a massive Home Guard batallion in town consisting of over 800 men, complete with mortars and other heavy weapons. Although, I doubt he and his workers would agree on what side to join... :)

  4. Of course Helst Inte, didn't think about Sandviken.
    Nice story!