Sunday, 5 January 2014

What's up for 2014?

It's a long time since I wrote anything here. Why? I haven't done so much playing lately. During the autumn I played 2 games of Dropzone Commander and 1 of Hail Caesar. Not much.

But what is the plans for 2014?
-The greens for the support weapons are with the caster. So they should be ready soon!
-Making a Åland campaign. Swedes against Russians and Germans! WW1 is over, Russian Civil War is in full swing and Sweden want to take back a few Swedish speaking counties that they lost 100 years earlier. I just need a few more Russians and the Swedish support weapons.

But I don't know what rules to use. A few days ago I played two games of Dust Tactics and liked it. Maybe I would make some easy conversions for my Ålands Campaign and use the Dust rules?
If you want to follow my Dust adventures just go to my new blog:

This blog is not dead. It was just sleeping.


  1. Greate to see a blog post Björn :)

    Any more pictures of the greens of the support weapons ?

    We should try Chain of Command for your Åland campaign?

    Best regards Michael

  2. I look forward to seeing the support weapons and campaign. I think Bolt Action is good and could work

  3. I haven't tried Bolt Action or Chain of Command. How many figures would you need for them?

  4. Finally finishing up my Swedish platoon for Bolt Action. The rules call for one reinforced platoon but as it is a points based system, you can reduce your squad size if needed. 12 man squads are a bit large; most countries have 8 to 10. I have three full squads of Swedes, 1 x machine gun team, 1 x mortar team, a forward observer, two officers, a 37mm Borfors AT gun team (used a second mortar team pack to crew a 37mm Bofors I found), the two kneeling riflemen are now my sniper team, I have 2 x Ford 4 x 6 trucks which were ubiquitous in the 1930s, 1 x strvm/21 from a 3D printer guy, and finally 2 x Panzer 38 I've converted to strv m/41. Should be fun!

  5. Hi KAY4! Sounds fun. Good idea about the trucks, gun crew and other stuff. But I got I little bit curious about the strv m/21, do you have any pictures of it? Is the model open for anyone to print, or has you made a special order just for you?

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply - work intruded. I came home one day to a small motor pool on our kitchen table. The husband had purchased an FT 17, M3 and some other goodies from Arctic Skunk. The m/21 was, in fact, Copplestone - my mistake. The painting effort is in a temporary delay till May when I return from Enköping.