Friday, 20 September 2013

Getting the small men painted

A while ago I started to count all my unpainted figures and it struck me that I would never get all my miniatures painted. I'm not talking about a few unpainted figures here or there, I have whole armies that will never be finished. Around 1000 figures! And that excluding a few hundred fantasy figures. Instead of giving up and throw away everything, I started to think about using a painting service. I send a few Russians to Fernando Enterprises in Sri Lanka to see what they can do.
The figures are from Brigade Games' Storm in the East range (World War One/Russian Civil War). The figures themself are very nice so I asked Fernando to use their "Super Showcase" quality. I send them the figures in the middle of August. As painting guide I send them a picture I found on internet.
Random picture from internet, used as painting guide
Today, a month later, I got the first two pictures for approval.
They look nice; it will be interesting to see how they look in reality.

What am I going to use them for? Fight the Swedes for the control of Åland of course!


  1. Very nicely painted Russians there but have you seen the Russians that Tsuba Minis have done as they are amazing

  2. I have seen them. They are nice!