Tuesday 1 April 2014

New figures

Nothing new in a very long time. I have been playing Dust, working and being with my family instead.

But now I have something new to show you!
New freshly pained figures for my Ådalen range!
It is a medium machine gun with crew. The machine gun was called "ksp m/14" (ksp = kulspruta = ball sprayer) and was used until 1943 by the army. At that time it was transfered to the Home Guard (Hemvärnet). It was not originally from Sweden, but Austria, where it was known as the Schwarzlose MG m07/12. It was used by the Austro-Hungerian army during WW1 and by Dutch, Hungerian and Greek armies during WW2.

The crew wears a standard m/10 uniform.

So when will it be available for purchase? Soon I hope.

Edit: As Hammers on Lead-adventure forum points out the machinegun is a Schwarzlose.


  1. Great looking models! I will of course order me a pack or two when they become available.

  2. Lovely figures - let the ball sprayer do the talking!
    Really like the round basing as well.

  3. Good news! I have just talked to Mike and he says that they are now in shop!

  4. Splendid new Björn and exellent painting !!!

    Nice that you posted about this the same day as I poste my addition to our "A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict"

    Best regards Michael