Thursday, 23 May 2013

Little known fact about the early Swedish tanks

Little known fact:
The first Swedish tank was the Strv m/21 (Strv stands for Stridsvagn, which literally means war wagon). Sweden bought 10 of them from Germany after WW1. They got smuggled into Sweden as tractor parts. They were used by Svea Livgarde from August 1922, but transferred to Göta Livgarde in 1927. There were 10 of them. At first they were painted grey, but in 1928 they were repainted with a camo pattern.
In the early 30s five of them got a stronger engine. Now their top speed was 18km/h, instead of 16km/h. The new model was called m/21-29. They were used until the start of ww2.
Both models were equipped with a ksp m/14 medium machine gun.
It was a based on the German LKII tank prototype.

Now you have the chance to own more m/21-29 tanks than the Swedes really did! Both Copplestone and Tobsen77 make them.


A m/21 tank in a Swedish museum.
The Swedish panzer troops are advancing! It looks like it is tank number 10. 

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