Saturday 25 May 2013

The Swedish Platoon from 1921-1937

Each platoon was made up of four squads. Each squad had 12 men, eleven with rifles and one with a light machine gun called kg mg/21. It was based on the american BAR 1918. In 1937 it was up-graded and the new model was called kg m/37.
The squad was lead by a Sergeant and he was assisted by a Corporal. The platoon was lead by an Lieutenant and he was assisted by an Sergeant. The Lieutenant also had two runners.
A platoon is made up of 52 persons. One Lieutenant, five Sergeants, four Corporals, two runners, four machine gunners and 36 riflemen.


  1. Very interesting information !!!

  2. Quite large squads compared to other countries at the time-I wonder why?

  3. What was the organisation for cavalry at this period?

  4. Yes, pretty big. I think it could be because the Swedish army was a little backward.
    I'm afraid I don't know, haven't had time to research it yet. I have to find a good book about it.