Tuesday 25 June 2013

Swedish uniforms in culture

Military life from the early 20th century is not big in Swedish pop culture nowdays. One of the few exception is a comic called "91:an Karlsson", that is about a private that hates being a conscript. It started in 1932 and is still being published to this day (summer 2013!). It is based on the creator's time as a conscript during World War One, and that is very obvious when you look at the uniforms. The figures are using both the older m/ä and the newer m/10 uniforms, but for some reason not the m/10 hat.

Correct military details has never been the top priority for comic writers (or most other people) so most uniforms have many incorrect details, but who cares? :-) So don't use these pictures as reference when painting.

First some early pictures, which are pretty accurate.

And now some newer, and as we in Sweden says: Finn Fem Fel! (Spot the difference). They mix equipment from 1880 until 100 years later!

And of course he got himself a staty in Halmstad!

All pictures are "© Egmont/Semic Press"

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