Tuesday 2 July 2013

Another game played and an important book

It has been quite here for the last few days. I have not forgotten the password again; just have been busy with work, family, work and a fantastic Pet Shop Boys concert (and after the concert I went clubbing, which is not recommended in my age).

Yesterday we played another game of our Moderate Swedish Conflict. We continued were we finished last time. We were something like 8 people trying to run a unit each, and Dalaupproret was the umpire. It was a very nice and pleasant game!

In the last game the White had a tank. It was a little to brave and drove to far away from the infantry. The tank got stuck in the strawberry patch and the driver was taken prisoner by the socialistic Young Eagles. The army brought forward reserves to take back the tank.

Here you can see the soldiers in front and the Young Eagles in the woods at the tank. What happened? Well that is a story I think Dalaupproret want to tell you at his blog. It is the story called: "Gruvettan and A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict #2".

But I have totally forgotten to show you this book! It is the most important book about the Swedish army 1910-1936. Simon Olsson "Svenska arméns uniformer 1875-2000". It lacks details about equipment, helmets and weapons. It is not so detailed about shoes and trousers, but it knows everything, and I mean exactly everything about the jackets, hats and insignia.
Highly recommended!


  1. Pet Shop Boys- a blast from the past indeed.I guess they would put on a great show musically and visually.
    Interesting looking book - where could one buy it from?
    Your game looked fantastic and I can't wait to hear more of this Very Moderate Civil War.
    p.s any new figures coming out soonish?

  2. The book is in Swedish, a lot of pictures, but no English text. :-( But you can buy it here:

    I can't take any credit for or game, all credit to Dalaupproret, he has a unique sense of visualizing the Swedish countryside of Dalarna. :-)

    No more figures soon, but maybe to the autumn.

  3. They are lovely figures there and a great batrep on Dalauppror blog. I think that this A Very Moderate Swedish Conflict has great mileage and I cant wait to see further development with both the game and the figures.