Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I'm really bad at making terrain. So when I saw 4ground's new houses I took a closer look. Nice ready painted houses sounded too good to be true. But after ordering a few from Warlords Games I can say that I love them.
So what is good? Good looking, cheap, light.
Bad? Takes an hour to build, smells bad at first.
Verdict? I love them!
The one in the middle and maybe the one on the left could be used for Swedish games. The one on the right is not correct for Sweden. Traditional Swedish houses in the middle of the country (where our campaign take place) are painted red. The paint is actually a by-product from the copper mines in Falun. You can se what they look like here.
And when I shoot the pictures my "assistant" (you can see paint in his face from when we earlier painted the walls in the living room) wanted to be in it too. The shirt is part of a traditional Swedish x-mas character called Pepparkaksgubbe. Why he got it now in the middle of the summer? Beats me, but he was happy.


  1. I love 4Grounds stuff and I have to admit it liking the smell.

  2. Haha, my girlfriend also like the smell, I think it reminds her of saunas (she is Finnish).