Sunday, 28 July 2013

The third part of Strängnäs Defenders

I10, Royal Södermanland's Regiment. Strängnäs is home to I10, an infantry regiment under the command of Bygg Per Bjällermalm. Even through the regiment have had problems with desertion since the outbreak of the civil war most of the soldiers are left with the regiment. Mostly they are 18 to 22 year olds from Strängnäs and they do actually believe that they defend the towns from enemies, like Dalmasar, that want to loot it and take their girlfriends. They have only had four months of basic training.

At this point in time bicycle troops belonged to the cavalry. This one is the first of a full bicycle squad. I converted a Warlord games British by cutting of his head and gave him a Swedish instead.

Part of the militia comes from the Fria Automobilsällskapet (Free Automobil Society). They are a volunteer group for helping the military with cars and motorcycles in war. Kind of Landstormen (Home Guard) but bikers!


  1. Greate paint work Björn

    Love the Bicykle troop and your two Loyds, I acctually got me one for my Miners, od dalmasar as you provoke to call them, to but as it been used in the Mines as trasport vehicle it will be painted orange:)

    Best regards Michael

  2. Thanks, and orange carriers sounds wonderful! Your miners are going to be splendid!
    Provoke? Aren’t they proud Grängesbergare? I could have called them Rumpmasar or Rumpnissar, that would have been an insult! :-)

    1. Glad you like the orange look:)

      Suppouse they Will be easy to spot in the swedish contryside... But they sees it as ther warn about all the explosives they have brougth...

      Indeed THAT would have been a real issult:)

      Best regards Michael

  3. Great vehicles,interesting cyclist and enigmatic Swedish humour...